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[Micro-Post] Organizing the references in C#

Disponible en español aquí. There are many ways to improve our code, some people advocate for having a code with solid and reliable functionality, others for a clean code, and why not, others for a code that just works. I believe that the code has to be art, and I'm not referring to an...

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Meet ESP8266 / NodeMcu, the WIFI module for IOT

Fortunately or unfortunately, the world of IOT is becoming a tangle of devices, services, software and operating systems. This doesn't have to be bad, in fact these are great news for Makers who want to apply craft solutions to their projects and ideas. However, to some degree, it can become a difficulty chaos to...

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Solve unexplained problems in Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Sometimes when you work with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova, you can find some unexplained problems. These problems may arise at compilation time, when you open a project, and often by strange reasons that we can’t identify. One possible solution to these problems, and that doesn’t carry secondary problems if doesn’...

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